Season 4
Ji Yeon
Ji Yeon
Season 4 | Episode 407 | Aired 03/12/2008
WHOOSH to a Seoul hospital as Jin rushes down a hallway. He finds a Chinese security agent guarding a room and asks to speak to the Ambassador. He comes out, and Jin presents the panda as a symbol of Mr. Paik's eagerness to do business with the great country of China. The Ambassador accepts the gift and says he will call Mr. Paik to set up a meeting. As Jin heads out, a nurse asks him why he's leaving. Jin says it wasn't his baby – he's only been married two months. Suddenly we realize Jin wasn't rushing to see Sun. His story was different from Sun's. It wasn't a flash-forward – it was a flashback.

WHOOSH to Sun's flash-forward. She's in her apartment as the doorbell rings. It's Hurley, and Sun can't believe he actually came. Hurley asks to see the baby, and Sun lets him hold her. Hurley says she looks just like Jin. They leave and go to a graveyard. But it's not any grave they're paying their respects to – it's Jin's. Sun holds the baby up to the gravestone and says the delivery was hard on her. She wished he could've been there. She named the baby Ji Yeon like he wanted. Sun starts crying and says she misses him so much. And we realize that whatever happened between the island and Sun's future, Jin isn't in it.


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