Season 4
Meet Kevin Johnson
Meet Kevin Johnson
Season 4 | Episode 408 | Aired 03/19/2008

Locke holds a group meeting in his house and promises there will be no more secrets. He brought Miles with him, and Miles tells the group that he was hired for one reason: find Benjamin Linus. This is not a surprise to anyone. Sawyer wants to simply turn Ben over to them, but Ben informs them that once they have him, their orders are to kill everyone on the island. The seriousness of that sinks in. Ben says he knows this because his spy on the ship is Michael. Hurley and Sawyer are upset. The guy who killed two women in cold blood to set Ben free, then sold all of them out so he could get off the island? Yes, that Michael.

As the meeting ends, Ben calls Alex, Rousseau and Karl over. He gives them a map to the Temple and tells them it's a sanctuary and maybe the only safe place on the island. He wants them to go there. Karl asks why not take everyone, and Ben says the Temple is for them. Alex asks if the people coming are more dangerous than Ben. He says yes, but her mother will protect her. Rousseau is touched by this gesture, and they leave.

On the freighter, Sayid and Desmond are woken up by an alarm. Two guys were trying to steal the tender and get off the freighter, but Captain Gault stopped them and is beating them to a bloody mess. Captain Gault tells them that the rules of desertion apply to everyone. He orders a deckhand, Kevin Johnson, to clean up the mess, and Michael steps forward. Sayid seizes the opportunity to ask Michael what he's doing there, but Michael is nervous the Captain will notice them talking. Sayid persists, and Michael says he's there to die.

The next morning, Sayid and Desmond find Michael in the engine room helping with the repairs. Sayid wants to know why Michael's on board, and Michael says he won't understand. Sayid says he'll understand perfectly and orders Michael to start from the beginning. Michael realizes he has no choice, so we WHOOSH to –


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