Season 4
The Shape of Things to Come
The Shape of Things to Come
Season 4 | Episode 409 | Aired 04/23/2008

BAM – Alex is shoved down on her knees. A hand reaches in and yanks her blindfold off. Alex finds herself staring at the sonic fence surrounding the barracks. A voice orders her to turn it off and shoves a gun into Alex's neck. Alex enters a code, and they continue forward.

Hurley, Sawyer and Locke enjoy a game of Risk when the telephone rings. It's such an odd, out of place sound. Locke answers it and hears an even odder message: code fourteen-J. He goes to Ben and asks what the code means. Ben immediately is activated. He explains they have to get back to his house. It'll be easier to fortify and offers a better position on the tree lines. Locke doesn't understand, and Ben tells him they're here.

WHOOSH to the desert, close on Ben's eyes as they snap open and he gasps. He's wearing a parka, and his whole body seems to be steaming. There's a bloody gash on his forearm, and the parka is torn. He rolls to his hands and knees and suddenly vomits. Two men on horseback crest the dune behind him. They're just as surprised to see Ben as he is to see them. The leader points his AK-47 at Ben, but Ben uses the second man as a human shield and kills the leader. Then he knocks the second man out cold, takes one of the horses and leaves.

At the beach camp, Bernard calls out for help. Everyone runs over to him and as a body washes ashore. They pull it out. There's a deep gash across his throat. Faraday and Charlotte recognize him, and Jack sees the look between them. Faraday says he was their doctor on the freighter.

At the barracks, Ben explains the code is an early warning system. Someone tripped the panic switch at the security fence, which means one of his people has been captured. Sawyer runs off to get Claire and her baby. Ben turns to Locke and tells him it's important Locke survives what's about to happen. The people coming won't risk hurting Ben, so if Locke wants to live, Ben's his best chance. Ben explains that only Jacob can help them now, but Locke doesn't know where Jacob's cabin is. Ben says yes, but Hurley does.


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