Season 4
The Shape of Things to Come
The Shape of Things to Come
Season 4 | Episode 409 | Aired 04/23/2008
WHOOSH to a hotel lobby in Tozeur, Tunisia. Ben asks for a room, and tells the clerk he's a preferred guest. His name is Dean Moriarty. She promptly passes him a room key. Ben asks what day it is. The clerk tells him October 24, 2005. Ben thanks her, and heads to his room but stops when he hears a familiar name on a news report: Sayid. Ben looks over and sees paparazzi try to catch a quick shot of him, and Sayid tells them he just wants to bury his wife in peace.

WHOOSH to the barracks as Sawyer heads to Claire's house but PFAFT! PFAFT! Automatic gunfire kicks up the earth around Sawyer, and he bolts for cover. Then one of the assailants fires a rocket propelled grenade and KABOOM! Claire's home explodes in a deafening blast. Sawyer searches through the smoldering ruins and finds her in the back yard under a basket of laundry. She has a bloody cut on her forehead but she's alive. Shots ring out from the distant tree line, so Sawyer scoops Claire up and runs for Ben's house!

WHOOSH to Tikrit, Iraq. Ben is dressed as a cameraman and makes his way through the war-torn city up to the roof of a building. From there, he uses his telephoto lens to scan the faces of a crowd watching a funeral procession. He finds the one he wants and clicks a couple pictures. Then Ben swings his camera around and sees Sayid carrying the coffin. Suddenly Sayid looks up directly into the camera. Ben leaves quickly, runs down the stairs, and flies out the door towards his car when WHAM! Sayid tackles him, expecting it to be a paparazzi, but he is shocked to see it's Ben.

Sayid asks him what he's doing there, and Ben tells him he's there to find the man who murdered Sayid's wife. Ben explains that there was a man watching Nadia's funeral. His name is Ishmael Bakir, and he's one of Widmore's men. He was last seen three blocks from where Nadia was killed. Sayid asks why Widmore would want to murder her, and Ben says he doesn't know. Sayid blinks back his tears and replaces it with growing rage.


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