Season 4
Something Nice Back Home
Something Nice Back Home
Season 4 | Episode 410 | Aired 04/30/2008

Juliet tries to wake up Jack, but there's something wrong with him. He doesn't seem well. He stumbles out of his tent as a loud argument ensues on the beach. A group of angry survivors are going at Faraday and Charlotte. Jack tries to calm everyone down. He assures them they will be rescued, but suddenly he collapses.

WHOOSH to Jack in a nice, comfy bed when the phone rings and wakes him up. It's his assistant reminding him of his schedule changes. Jack gets up and goes into the bathroom. A woman in the shower tells him she bought him a new razor. She's not a fan of his growing beard. The shower stops and out steps – Kate. Jack hands her a towel and they kiss. It's the future, and Jack and Kate are living together.

WHOOSH to the island where Sawyer, Claire, Aaron and Miles trek through the jungle on their way back to the beach camp when Miles suddenly stops. He asks them who Danielle and Karl are because he's standing on top of them. Miles drops down and starts digging, uncovering their bodies. Sawyer asks if Miles' buddies killed them, but Miles says he didn't sign up for this.

At the beach, Juliet talks to Jack. He thinks it's food poisoning. Juliet disagrees. She makes him lift his shirt, and she presses on his side. Jack grimaces in pain. It's his appendix and it hasn't ruptured. Yet. Juliet considers it and states the simple, pragmatic reality. They have to take it out.

Juliet asks Sun to go to the medical station for equipment, but Sun doesn't know what the supplies look like. Faraday knows what the equipment is, so he offers to go with her. Jin and Charlotte go, too. Kate asks why they don't just take Jack to the medical station, and Juliet tells her if they move him his appendix might rupture. If that happens, Jack will die.


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