Season 4
Cabin Fever
Cabin Fever
Season 4 | Episode 411 | Aired 05/07/2008
In the jungle, Hurley, Ben and Locke find the cabin. Ben tells Locke he has to go in alone. Ben's time is over. Locke enters the cabin and sees a man sitting in a chair. It's Christian Shephard, Jack's dead father. Never knowing Jack's father, Locke doesn't recognize him. Christian introduces himself, and Locke asks if he's Jacob. Christian says no but he can speak on his behalf. Christian asks if Locke knows why he's there. Locke says because he was chosen. Then he hears something and realizes there's someone else in the cabin with them. He looks over – and it's Claire! What is she doing there? Claire says not to worry, she's fine. She's with Christian. But where's Aaron? Aaron is where he's supposed to be. Christian tells Locke the people from the freighter are already on their way back and these questions aren't important. Locke then asks how does he save the island? Cut to outside where Ben and Hurley wait. Locke comes out, and Ben anxiously asks what Jacob wants them to do. Locke says, "He wants us to move the island."


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