Season 4
There's No Place Like Home Pt. 1
There's No Place Like Home Pt. 1
Season 4 | Episode 412 | Aired 05/14/2008

An airplane flies through blue skies. The co-pilot brings out his lucky rabbit's foot, and the pilot chastises him for freaking him out. The co-pilot says with the cargo they're carrying, it's bad mojo. The pilot turns to Karen Decker, Oceanic rep, and tells her they're ready to land. Karen walks back to the cargo hold… to the Oceanic 6. Karen explains that their families are waiting for them at the airport, along with the press. Jack speaks for the group, says they'll talk to the press. Karen leaves, and Jack reminds the group they all know the story. If there's a question they can't answer, don't say anything. Everyone will think they're in shock. Sun tells him they are in shock.

The plane lands, and they step off to a cheering crowd of Oceanic officials, Coast Guard luminaries, the press, and their families. It's emotional as the survivors reunite with their families. Jack is enveloped into the arms of his mother. Sun hugs her parents, as does Hurley and his parents. There is no one there for Sayid, but Hurley grabs him into his family hug. Kate stands alone holding Aaron.

WHOOSH to the beach as the survivors look at the sat-phone Lapidus dropped out of the helicopter on his fly-by. Sun suggests they use it to call them, and Jack warns Faraday not to do anything stupid. Faraday hits some buttons, and suddenly they can hear the conversation from inside the helicopter. They overhear Keamy tell his team that they are moving out to the Orchid. Jack asks Juliet about it, but she doesn't know what it is. Jack turns to Kate and asks her to go with him out to the chopper. Kate nods yes. Off to the side, Faraday tells Charlotte because Keamy's team is going to the Orchid, that means they're using the secondary protocol. He tells Charlotte they have to get off the island right now.

Jack and Kate follow the signal on the sat-phone through the jungle when they hear someone coming. Out of the brush marches Sawyer with Aaron and Miles. Kate asks where Claire is, and Sawyer explains she walked off alone into the jungle and is gone. Jack explains that they were following the helicopter's signal, and Sawyer tells them Keamy's wet team attacked them – just like Locke said they would. Jack and Sawyer start to argue until Kate yells at them to stop. Jack tells them it's his call since he put Sayid and Desmond on the chopper. He wants them to return to the beach and takes off alone. Sawyer gives Aaron to Kate and follows, telling Jack he ain't dying alone. Kate, with Aaron, and Miles return to the beach.


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