Season 4
There's No Place Like Home Pt. 1
There's No Place Like Home Pt. 1
Season 4 | Episode 412 | Aired 05/14/2008
WHOOSH back to the airport hangar for the Oceanic 6 press conference. Karen Decker reads a prepared statement to the gathered crowd. Based on the location of the crash in the Sunda Trench, the survivors were carried by ocean currents to an uninhabited island in the Lesser Sunda Islands called Membata. Ms. Austen's baby was born on Membata. On day 103, a typhoon washed up the remnants of a fishing boat which included basic supplies and a raft. On day 108, the six survivors used the raft to journey to the island of Sumba, where they came ashore near a village called Manukangga. Then they were flown to Honolulu.

The press begins to shout questions to them. Jack tells them the crash happened so fast. A group of them got out an emergency door before the plane went down, then they floated on cushions for over a day before the current brought them to Membata. Someone asks if Sun's husband made it off the plane. Sun pauses before answering and tells the press no, Jin never made it off the plane. Another reporter asks Kate about giving birth on the island, and Kate says scary. She tells them that Aaron is five weeks old. A reporter figures out that means she was six months pregnant when the Marshal arrested here, correct? Karen jumps up and says questions concerning Kate's legal situation are off limits. Afterwards, they go backstage looking exhausted and shocked. Jack tells Kate she did well. Karen comes in and tells Sayid that someone outside says she knows him but she's not on his list of family members. It's Nadia. Sayid rushes out, and there she is, waiting for him.

WHOOSH to Sayid on the raft floating up to the beach camp. Everyone asks about Desmond, and Sayid says he's waiting back on the freighter. Sayid tells them they have to leave immediately. The men in the helicopter are intent on killing them all. Juliet tells him that Jack and Kate just left to go to the helicopter.

Hurley, Ben and Locke continue their trek through the jungle. Ben tells them they are going to a greenhouse to move the island, just like Jacob told Locke to do. Hurley is doubtful. If it's so easy, why didn't Ben just move it before the psychos with the guns got there. Ben tells him it's dangerous and unpredictable. It's a measure of last resort. They reach a certain spot, and Ben uncovers an old wooden chest. Inside is an old tin of crackers, a pair of binoculars and a large, dirty mirror. Ben takes the mirror and positions himself in relation to the sun. He sends a signal, glinting the sun off it, to a nearby ridge. Miles away something glints back. Locke realizes that Ben just sent a coded message to the Others and that it was received. He asks Ben what the message was, and Ben tells him none of his business.


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