Season 4
There's No Place Like Home Pt. 1
There's No Place Like Home Pt. 1
Season 4 | Episode 412 | Aired 05/14/2008
WHOOSH to a church as Jack finally gives his father his long overdue memorial. As everyone leaves, a woman approaches Jack and tells him she thinks she is the reason his father came to Australia. Christian came to see his daughter. Her daughter. Jack says his father didn't have a daughter, but the woman tells him to check his dad's phone records. The strangest thing, though, is that their daughter was also on flight 815. Jack probably sat only a few rows from her, and he didn't even know she was his sister. Her name was Claire. Jack is shocked. She tells Kate her son is beautiful, and then she leaves.

WHOOSH to the island where Jack and Sawyer follow the signal through the jungle and reach the chopper. Lapidus is there handcuffed to it. He tells them Keamy's team went to the greenhouse to grab Ben, but once he's free, he can fly everyone out of there. Sawyer asks what will happen to the other people with Ben, and Lapidus says nothing good. Sawyer tells Jack that Hurley is with Ben.

Kate and Sayid run through the jungle following a trail, and Kate stops, confused. The tracks are different and doubling back behind them. Sayid pulls his gun, swings around and orders the person to show themselves now. Richard Alpert steps out of the jungle, as do many, many more Others. Kate and Sayid are surrounded. Alpert takes their guns, and Kate and Sayid are now captives of the Others.

WHOOSH to the jungle where Ben suddenly stops Hurley and Locke. They're at the Orchid station. Ben looks through the binoculars and points out that Keamy's wet team is already inside waiting for him. Ben thinks for a moment and decides to give himself up. He gives Locke instructions on how to get down to the Orchid station underneath the greenhouse and then leaves. One by one the wet team members come out from their positions. Keamy steps out in front, and Ben turns himself in. Without saying a word, Keamy smashes the butt of his gun into Ben's head, knocking him out. As Ben collapses – BOOM. End of part one.


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