Season 4
There's No Place Like Home Pt. 2
There's No Place Like Home Pt. 2
Season 4 | Episode 413 | Aired 05/28/2008

We start where we ended last season's finale -- Jack and Kate behind LAX, and this time we get to see the rest of it. Kate drives off, just like we saw her do in last year's finale, but Jack keeps yelling they have to go back. Kate suddenly stops and confronts Jack. She is mad at him for expecting her to care about Jeremy Bentham, the man from the obit. He was crazy, and she's shocked that Jack believed him. She's spent the last three years trying to forget all the horrible things that happened on the day they left – how dare he ask her to go back.

WHOOSH to the island as Jack and Sawyer race to the Orchid station and run into Hurley. Hurley leads them inside, where Jack comes face-to-face with Locke for the first time since the camp split in two. Locke explains that there's a Dharma station underneath the greenhouse, but Jack doesn't want to listen. He tells Sawyer and Hurley they'll go back to the helicopter and use it to get all their people off the island. But Hurley tells Jack that might not be the best idea. Keamy and the mercenary team are already on their way back to the helicopter with Ben.

On the freighter, Desmond, Michael and Jin try to figure out what to do about the bomb in the armory. Desmond knows a little about bombs from his army experience. He explains that the radio receiver is like a walkie talkie. Someone sends a signal, and the bomb is triggered remotely. But who has the trigger? Michael realizes it's Keamy. He saw him wiring the remote to his arm. Jin asks if they can turn the bomb off. Desmond says if they disconnect the battery, it triggers the bomb and it explodes. But then Michael gets an idea.

In the jungle, Keamy leads Ben back to the helicopter as Kate bursts out of the jungle. Keamy holds her at gunpoint, and Kate explains she was running away from Ben's people. Instantly, Keamy signals to his men. They take point and search the jungle. From above, an Other jumps out of a tree and garrotes one of Keamy's men! Another lassos a second merc, sending a burst of bullets from his AK-47. Keamy and Omar fire into the jungle, and the Others emerge with guns of their own, firing back. Kate tells Ben to run, and they take off. Keamy tries to shot them, but a grenade lands next to him. He kicks it over to Omar, and KA-BOOM! It explodes, killing Omar.


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