Season 4
There's No Place Like Home Pt. 2
There's No Place Like Home Pt. 2
Season 4 | Episode 413 | Aired 05/28/2008
Days later, Hurley asks again what it's called, and Sayid says Membata. Hurley asks why they're doing this, and Sayid tells him it's the only way to keep them safe. They drop the life raft back into the ocean, and everyone says their good-byes. Lapidus says they should make landfall in about eight hours. The Oceanic Six climb down into the raft, and Jack says let's go home. They set off. Cut to a beach where a young boy is fishing. Suddenly, he sees the raft, and he calls out and waves. Jack rows to shore, and they're helped out by the villagers. They're finally back in civilization, and soon they'll be home.

WHOOSH to the street outside the Hoff/Drawlar Funeral Parlor. Jack pulls up and parks. This is the bearded, pill-popping, drinking Jack who has just left the airport and the argument with Kate. He smashes the knob off the front door and sneaks inside. Jack goes into back area and finds Jeremy Bentham's coffin there. He lifts the lid and looks at Bentham inside. Then from behind, a figure steps in and says hello. Jack startles. It's Ben. He asks if Bentham told Jack he was off the island, and Jack says he did. They talked about a month ago. Ben asks what he said. Jack says after they left, bad things happened, and that Bentham said it was Jack's fault for leaving. He told Jack that he has to go back. Ben tells Jack that he can't go back to the island alone. All of them have to go. Jack says he doesn't even know where Sayid is, Hurley's insane, Sun blames him for Jin's death, and Kate won't talk to him anymore. Ben says maybe he can help with that but it has to be all of them. Jack starts to leave but Ben stops him. Ben reminds Jack that he said all of them. Jack is going to have to bring him, too. Jack is surprised, wondering what Ben means. Ben indicates Locke lying face up in the coffin.


See you next year.


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