Season 4
There's No Place Like Home Pt. 2
There's No Place Like Home Pt. 2
Season 4 | Episode 413 | Aired 05/28/2008
Keamy runs off after Kate and Ben. They reach the top of an embankment when Sayid leaps out of the jungle and tackles Keamy. They tumble down to the bottom and exchange blows. Then BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! Richard Alpert unloads four shots into Keamy. Kate cuts Ben free, and Ben asks Alpert what their arrangement was. Alpert tells him if they helped free Ben, they would let them leave the island. Ben agrees and lets Kate and Sayid take the helicopter. Kate is shocked he's letting them leave so easily, and Ben simply says that's it.

WHOOSH to the mental institution when Hurley gets a visitor. It's Walt. He tells Hurley he waited for someone to come and see him but no one did. Hurley apologizes. But Walt asks Hurley to guess who did visit him. Hurley is surprised to know he visited Walt, too. He told Walt to ask Hurley why all the Oceanic 6 are lying. Hurley tells him it's the only way to protect everyone who didn't come back.

WHOOSH to the greenhouse, where Locke asks Jack to reconsider staying on the island because he knows he's not supposed to go home. Jack mocks Locke and says right, crashing on the island was their destiny. Locke tells Jack if he leaves, it'll eat him alive until he decides to come back. Jack has had enough and starts to leave, but Locke stops him. Locke tells him they'll have to lie if they leave the island. It's the only way to protect it. Jack says it doesn't need protection. It's just an island. Locke tells him it's a place where miracles happen, but Jack doesn't believe in miracles. Locke tells Jack if he can't believe that, then wait until he sees what he's about to do.

Then Ben comes in. Jack pulls his gun on him, but Ben ignores him. Ben crosses to the planter of anthuriums, bends down and flips the hidden switch underneath. A door next to Ben slides open revealing an elevator. Ben tells Jack that Kate and Sayid are waiting at the helicopter. They better leave and get to the boat within the hour. Locke tells Jack to lie about the island. If he's half as good as he is lying to himself, then everyone will believe him. Locke and Ben get inside and descend below into the Orchid station.


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