Season 5
Because You Left
Because You Left
Season 5 | Episode 501 | Aired 01/20/2009

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- Daniel Faraday is back in time during the height of the Dharma Initiative, when it's revealed that the island holds an energy source capable of making time travel possible.

- Sayid rescues Hurley from a mental institution, killing several men in the process. Hurley is suspected of the murders.

- Sayid is shot with a tranquilizer dart during a struggle with one of the attackers and passes out in Hurley's arms.

- A pair of attorneys knock on Kate's door demanding she and Aaron submit to a blood test.

- Sun meets with Charles Widmore and tells him they share a common goal -- to kill Benjamin Linus.

- On the island, the Oceanic 815 survivor's camp is missing after the bright flash of light.

- Sawyer, Juliet, Faraday, Charlotte and Miles head for the Swan station to see if it's still there.

- Locke sees a small plane crash on the island and is shot in the leg by Ethan while investigating.

- After another flash, Richard Alpert arrives to help Locke and gives him a compass, saying that the next time they meet, he won't recognize Locke.

- Sawyer's group finds the old Swan station. Faraday explains that the island or the people on it are randomly jumping through time and that if it's not stopped soon, everyone could be in danger.

- Faraday secretly gets that attention of Desmond, who is still on the island in this time period. Faraday tells Desmond to find his mother in Oxford and that he's the only hope for the people left on the island.

- Desmond wakes up on his boat with Penny, a new memory suddenly coming to him. He steers the boat toward England.

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