Season 5
The Lie
The Lie
Season 5 | Episode 502 | Aired 01/20/2009

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- After escaping the island, The Oceanic Six along with Desmond, Penny and Frank the helicopter pilot agree to lie about what's happened to them, but Hurley is very reluctant to go along with it.

- Three years later, Hurley is pulled over by a police cruiser after driving wildly in an attempt to get Sayid to safety. The cop turns out to be Ana Lucia, who tells Hurley what to do.

- On the island, the survivors, including Sawyer, Juliet, Faraday, Charlotte and Miles, are attacked with flaming arrows and flee into the jungle.

- Hurley takes Sayid to his parents' house where his father, Dave, asks him what's going on. The police arrive, but don't find Hurley or Sayid. They continue to stake out the house.

- Hurley's mother arrives and wants to know what's happening. Dave takes the unconscious Sayid to see Jack.

- Dave tells Jack to leave Hurley alone and hands over Sayid. Jack takes Sayid to the hospital and wakes him up.

- Hurley tells his mother what happened on the island as best he can as says they shouldn't have lied.

- Ben arrives at Hurley's house and offers to save him from the police and take him back to the island. Hurley refuses and turns himself over to the police.

- Sawyer and Juliet are attacked by men in old U.S. Army uniforms. Locke rescues them and they take two of the men prisoner.

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