Season 5
The Lie
The Lie
Season 5 | Episode 502 | Aired 01/20/2009
On Penny's boat after they've been rescued, Jack asks if they all agree to lie. Sayid says it's a decision that will affect the rest of their lives, and he's not taking it lightly. However, Hurley doesn't want to lie. He says telling the truth is the right thing to do. Jack reminds Hurley that they are protecting the people they left on the island from Charles Widmore. He hired people to find the island and kill them. If they tell the truth, Widmore won't leave the people back on the island alone. Hurley says they're safe, the island disappeared. Jack points out that no one will believe their story if they tell the truth, but Hurley says if they back each other up, if they all stick together, then they can make people believe them. But no one backs up Hurley, and everyone agrees to lie.

[quote-left]Cut to Hurley driving away from the safehouse with the unconscious Sayid next to him. Hurley doesn't know what to do and he's weaving all over the road while trying to shake Sayid awake -- when suddenly he sees police lights in his rearview mirror. It's the LAPD pulling him over. Hurley covers his panic by trying to act nonchalant as he rolls down the window when he hears a familiar voice. "What the hell were you thinking?" It's Ana Lucia! She chastises him for pulling over. What if she were real? What if an actual cop stopped him? She tells him he has to pull it together. He has work to do. She gives him instructions about what to do, most importantly to not get arrested by the police. As she leaves, she tells Hurley that Libby says hi.

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