Season 5
Season 5 | Episode 503 | Aired 01/27/2009

Here is your brief recap of "Jughead." For the more detailed recap of this episode, go to the next page!

- Faraday, Charlotte and Miles are captured by a group of Others and taken to their camp.

-Richard Alpert tells Faraday about an H-bomb with a broken casing. Faraday convinces Alpert to let him fix it.

- Desmond discovers that Charles Widmore had been funding Faraday's research.

- One of Locke, Juliet and Sawyer's two prisoners kills the other and runs off into the jungle toward the Others' camp.

- Faraday examines the bomb and tells the Others how to dispose of it.

- Locke tracks the fleeing prisoner to the Others' camp and speaks to Richard Alpert.

- Sawyer and Juliet rescue Faraday.

- Desmond confronts Charles Widmore and gets an address for Faraday's mother from him.

- Time flashes on the island again and the Others are gone. Charlotte collapses.

For the detailed recap of this episode, go to the next page!


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