Season 5
Season 5 | Episode 503 | Aired 01/27/2009
"Efren Salonga!" Desmond frantically runs through a Philippines seaport market shouting out the name. He's a doctor, and Desmond finds him playing dice. Desmond quickly explains his wife is pregnant and having a difficult labor. Desmond rushes Salonga to his sailboat, and Salonga helps Penny give birth to a baby boy.

WHOOSH to the sailboat two years later as Desmond, Penny and their little boy sail to London so Desmond can find Daniel Faraday's mother. Penny is concerned that's it's not a good plan. Faraday said only Desmond could help, so Desmond needs to do this. Penny only asks that he promises he'll never go back to that island, and Desmond agrees. Why would he want to go back there?

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