Season 5
The Little Prince
The Little Prince
Season 5 | Episode 504 | Aired 02/03/2009

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- Charlotte awakens after the latest flash and her, Locke, Sawyer, Juliet, Faraday and Miles head for the Orchid station.

- Kate asks the lawyer challenging her custody of Aaron who his client is, but he refuses to identify the person. Kate decides to follow him to his client.

- Sayid regains consciousness and is attacked in the hospital. He defeats his assailant and he and Ben go to get Hurley while Jack goes to Kate.

- On the island, Sawyer sees Kate in the past, helping Claire deliver Aaron. Then there's another flash and she's gone. Miles notices his nose is bleeding.

- The beach camp looks destroyed. Sawyer's group takes an outrigger and sets off to circle the island toward the Orchid station.

- The outrigger comes under gunfire while in the ocean, but another flash saves Sawyer's group from attack only to place them in the ocean on a stormy night. The group heads for shore.

- Jack and Kate follow the lawyer to a hotel where Claire's mother is staying. Jack confronts her, but Claire's mother doesn't even know Aaron exists.

- Sayid and Ben meet the lawyer and he informs Ben that Hurley will be let out of jail soon.

- Sawyer's group makes it to shore and finds mysterious wreckage. Juliet gets a bloody nose.

- A lifeboat full of French castaways pulls Jin out of the ocean.

- Jack, Kate, Ben and Sayid meet at the docks. Jack tells Kate that they all need to go back to the island and Ben reveals that he's been the one challenging her custody of Aaron.

- Sun arrives with Aaron to meet the group at the docks. She's brought a gun and plans to shoot Ben.

- On the island, Jin wakes up on the shore and is questioned by his French saviors. Among them, a young, pregnant woman identifies herself as Danielle Rousseau.

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