Season 5
The Little Prince
The Little Prince
Season 5 | Episode 504 | Aired 02/03/2009
Jack and Kate meet Sayid and Ben in a marina parking lot. Kate can't believe that Jack is working with Ben, but Jack tries to explain that Ben is there to help them. Kate suddenly realizes -- it's Ben who's trying to take Aaron away from her. Ben admits it's true. Kate tells him to leave her and her son alone! But with simple clarity, Ben says Aaron is not her son. Kate is caught by the truth behind those words.

Across the way, Sun is parked in the marina and watches the group from afar. Aaron is with her, asleep in his car seat in the back. She grabs the gun, and her expression hardens as she looks out at Ben and reaches for the door handle.

WHOOSH to the island where Jin finally comes to. He's sunburned, his lips chapped and he's dehydrated. Groggily, he looks up at the French team who rescued him. A woman asks in French if he's okay, but Jin says in English he doesn't understand. She asks if he speaks English, and he says a little. He tries to explain that he was on a boat that sank. They figure it must've been caught in the same storm. Jin doesn't know how long he was in the ocean, and Montand is impatient with him. The woman takes off her coat and Jin sees that she is pregnant. She hands him some water and introduces herself -- she's Danielle Rousseau.



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