Season 5
The Little Prince
The Little Prince
Season 5 | Episode 504 | Aired 02/03/2009
On Penny's boat after their rescue, Kate tells Jack she's thought of a way to explain Aaron when they get back to civilization. She wants to lie and say she had him. They're Aaron's family now, and she won't give him to strangers. She's not going to lose Aaron like they did Michael, Jin and Sawyer. Jack agrees as long as she'll back him up when he tries to convince everyone they have to lie to protect the people they left behind. Kate says she's always been with him.

WHOOSH to Sun's hotel room as Kate dresses in one of Sun's business suits and explains to Aaron she has an errand to run but she'll be back soon. As Kate leaves, a package is delivered to Sun. It's surveillance photos of Ben and Jack and what appears to be a box of candy. But underneath the first layer of candy is a hidden gun. That's right -- Sun told Charles Widmore she wants Benjamin Linus dead, and it seems he is helping her get the job done.

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