Season 5
This Place Is Death
This Place Is Death
Season 5 | Episode 505 | Aired 02/10/2009

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- Sun threatens to kill Ben, but Ben claims that Jin is alive and that he can prove it.

- Several of the French survivors who save Jin are attacked by the smoke monster. He escapes and finds Sawyer's party.

- Still on the way to the Orchid, Charlotte collapses and the group goes on without her. Faraday stays behind with her.

- Jin makes Locke promise not to bring Sun back. He gives John his wedding ring and tells him to give it to Sun as proof that he's dead.

- Locke descends into a well near the location of the Orchid, but falls and breaks his leg. Christian Shephard tells him he must turn the wheel that Ben used to move the island.

- Charlotte tells Faraday that she grew up on the island, but left when she was young. She remembers a man warning her to leave and never come back or she would die. She thinks that man was Faraday. She dies in his arms.

- Locke turns the wheel and there's another flash.

- Ben, Sun and Jack run into Desmond outside a church in Los Angeles. Ben gives Sun Jin's ring as proof that he's alive. The four of them meet a woman in the church who can show them how to go back to the island.

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