Season 5
This Place Is Death
This Place Is Death
Season 5 | Episode 505 | Aired 02/10/2009
From her car, Sun watches Ben talking to Jack, Kate and Sayid. Aaron is in his car seat in the back asleep, and Sun holds a gun that she plans to shoot Ben with. She gets out, approaches the group. Kate is shocked to see Sun there holding a gun on Ben and asks where Aaron is. Sun tells her in the car, and Kate races off. Sun tells Ben that if it weren't for him, Jin would still be alive. Ben tells her he didn't kill her husband because Jin is still alive... and he can prove it.

WHOOSH to the island. Jin is confused and asks Rousseau what year is it. She's a little taken aback but tells him it's 1988. Jin reels. He has no idea what's going on. He tells them he needs to go to his camp. They ask if he's been on this island before. Jin then asks if they saw the helicopter. Montand dismisses Jin's rambling and concentrates on the signal he's receiving. There must be an antenna on the island, and if they can get to it, they can use it to call for help. Jin doesn't know the way to the camp from where they are, but he can remember the way from the antenna tower. They tell Jin if he takes them to the antenna, then they'll find his camp. Jin agrees, and they set off.

Along the trek, Rousseau asks for water. They look around for Nadine, who had the canteen... but she's gone. Then Jin hears it -- the TICKA TICKA TICKA that he knows so well. His eyes go wide -- and then MWRRROOOAARRR! The French team spin around. What was that? Jin says monster. They race back through the jungle to look for Nadine and find her abandoned pack on the ground. There's no sign of her. MMMRRRWWWRR! A tree explodes out of the ground! Then something hurdles out of the sky and crashes down right in front of them. It's Nadine's body! Jin yells run, and they all take off.

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