Season 5
This Place Is Death
This Place Is Death
Season 5 | Episode 505 | Aired 02/10/2009
Locke chokes back the pain as he drags himself over to the wheel. It's slightly cock-eyed, vibrating and shifting. Another burst of light emanates from the behind the wheel. Locke grabs it and strains, pushing on it as -- CLICK. The wheel slips back into place and turns. The result is instantaneous. Immediately the hum begins to build and the light behind the wheel gets brighter. Christian asks Locke to tell his son he said hello. Locke asks who's his son? But the light consumes them both.

WHOOSH to Los Angeles as Ben drives Jack and Sun to a church. He then presents Sun with Jin's wedding ring. Sun asks how Ben got it, and Ben tells her Jin gave it to Locke before he left the island. Ben tells them that the people on the island, including Jin, need their help. There's a woman inside the church who can tell them how to get back. Will they go inside with him? Sun says yes, and they're about to go inside when a man calls out to them. They turn to see --

Desmond! He walks over to them and asks what they're doing there. Ben is surprised, and says the same thing Desmond is. Desmond asks to find Faraday's mother? Ben thinks about that for a beat and they go inside to find Eloise Hawking at the altar. She seems disappointed with his small group. She thought she said all of them. Ben says this is all he could get on short notice. Eloise says it'll have to do for now. Let's get started.



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