Season 5
Season 5 | Episode 506 | Aired 02/17/2009

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- Jack awakens on the island with a scrap of paper in his hand. He finds Hurley and Kate.

-46 hours earlier, Eloise Hawking explains to Jack, Sun, Ben and Desmond how they can get back to the island -- they have to be on Ajira Airlines flight 316. Desmond refuses to go.

- Hawking gives Locke's suicide note to Jack.

- Jack finds Kate in his house. He asks about Aaron and she makes him promise never to ask that again.

- Jack collects Locke's body and goes to the airport. He sees Sun, Sayid, Kate and Hurley there. They all board flight 316, with an injured Ben barely making it to the plane on time.

- During the flight, Jack realizes that the pilot is Frank Lapidus, the helicopter pilot who helped the Oceanic 6 get off the island.

- Jack reads Locke's suicide note and then there's a bright flash before Jack wakes up on the island.

- On the island, Jack, Hurley and Kate are confronted by Jin, wearing a new Dharma jumpsuit and driving a new Dharma van.

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