Season 5
Season 5 | Episode 506 | Aired 02/17/2009
Close-up of an eye that pops open. The camera pulls up and we see Jack lying on his back surrounded by stalks of bamboo. We can't help but feel déjà vu as Jack sits up, unsure where he is. He looks around. It's extremely similar to where he first woke up on the island. So... does that mean... he's back on the island? He realizes he's clutching a piece of paper in his hands, and we catch a glimpse of two words: "I wish..." Then Jack hears... splashing? Someone calling for help?

Jack runs through the jungle and bursts into a clearing with a lagoon. Hurley is in the water struggling to swim to the shore holding on tightly to a guitar case. Jack jumps in and helps him over. Then Jack spots Kate on the rocks near the waterfall lying face down. Jack rushes over to her. She starts to come to, confused and disoriented. Relief floods Jack's face. She's okay. She asks are we...? Jack says yeah, they're back. Then she asks what happened?

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