Season 5
Season 5 | Episode 506 | Aired 02/17/2009
Later that night, Ben convinces Jack to open Locke's suicide note and read it. Jack does, and Locke's final words were, "I wish you had believed me." Jack's overcome by the sentiment -- and then BUMP. The plane rattles and the cabin light flicker. More bumps. Jack freezes. Could this be it? BUMPBUMPBUMPBUMP!! This is it, and everyone knows it. Then WHAM! The plane shakes around like it's in a blender. There's a rising hum and a white light -- a flash is coming. The bright light and searing noise wash over our people as --

WHOOSH to the island right where we left off. Jack is helping Kate up. She's disoriented. She asks where the plane is. Jack doesn't know. After the light, he woke up in the jungle. Where's Sun? Sayid? And Ben? Jack suggests they fan out and search for them, but then they hear a song playing on a car radio getting closer. A van smashes through the brush and stops in front of them. The driver jumps out wearing a jumpsuit and carrying a rifle, which he points straight at Jack, Kate and Hurley. But then they get a good look at the driver, and they realize -- it's Jin!



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