Season 5
The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham
The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham
Season 5 | Episode 507 | Aired 02/24/2009

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- After the recent Ajira Airlines crash, Locke appears alive, wearing the suit he was to be buried in, on the beach of the small island adjacent to the main island.

- Back to Locke pushing the donkey wheel. After the flash, he wakes up in Tunisia and sees a camera. He calls out for help.

- Men working for Charles Widmore pick Locke up and fix his leg. Widmore speaks to Locke and gives him a driver and new identity so that he can get the Oceanic 6 to go back to the island.

- Locke tracks down Sayid who is doing humanitarian work in Santo Domingo. Sayid refuses to go back.

- Locke meets Walt in New York, but doesn't ask him to come back to the island with him.

- Locke goes to see Hurley in his mental institution, but when Hugo sees Mr. Abaddon, Locke's driver, he gets scared and refuses to speak to him anymore.

- Next, Locke speaks to Kate in Los Angeles and, though she understands that the people left on the island need her to come back, she refuses for Aaron's sake.

- Abaddon takes Locke to see the grave of his former girlfriend. At the cemetary, Abaddon is shot and Locke gets into a car accident while trying to escape.

- Locke wakes up in a hospital room with Jack waiting there. Jack refuses to listen until Locke mentions Jack's father. Jack still refuses to go back to the island.

- Defeated, Locke goes back to his hotel and prepares to hang himself. Ben arrives and talks Locke out of committing suicide by telling him that Jack has booked a flight to Syndney.

- After Locke mentions that Alpert told him about Eloise Hawking, who can help them all get back to the island, Ben strangles Locke to death and hangs him in order to make it appear as a suicide.

- Back on the small island, Caesar, one of the Ajira Airlines survivors, takes Locke to their make-shift infirmirary, where he sees an injured Ben, the man who killed him.

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