Season 5
The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham
The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham
Season 5 | Episode 507 | Aired 02/24/2009

[quote-right]WHOOSH to Hydra island. Locke finds Caesar back in the office looking through a folder. Locke explains that the logo and the building were for the Dharma Initiative. Caesar asks how Locke knows that, and Locke says he knows a lot. Caesar then asks him to explain how, when the plane started going down, that a man with curly hair who was on the plane literally vanished right before his eyes. And it wasn't only him. Some of them saw it happen to other people, too. Locke asks if he can look at the passenger list, but Caesar says the pilot took it with him when he left. Locke asks if everyone who didn't disappear is accounted for, and Caesar says yeah, except for the people who got hurt.

[quote-left]Caesar takes Locke to their makeshift infirmary, and Locke finds Benjamin Linus there, battered and unconscious. Caesar asks if Locke knows him, and Locke says yeah. He's the man who killed him.



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