Season 5
Season 5 | Episode 508 | Aired 03/03/2009

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- Sawyer, Juliet, Miles and Faraday realize that the time jumps are over -- whatever Locke did saved them.

- Three years later, we learn that Sawyer is now working with the Dharma initiative in the '70s as Jim LaFleur, their head of security.

- Sawyer and Miles take a drunken Horace, the leader of the Dharma camp, home to his pregnant wife Amy. She reveals they fought about someone named Paul and then she goes into labor.

- Three years earlier, Sawyer's group rescues Amy from two Others, who Sawyer and Juliet are forced to shoot in self defense. They bury the bodies and escort her back to the Dharma camp, carrying her husband Paul's body with them.

- Amy lures Sawyer's group into the sonic fence and they're knocked unconscious.

- Three years later, the Dharma doctor tells Sawyer a.k.a. LaFleur that Amy's baby is breech and he can't deliver it -- they need an obstetrician.

- Sawyer finds Juliet and convinces her to help deliver the baby. Amy gives birth to a baby boy and both mother and baby are fine.

- Three years earlier, Sawyer awakens and is questioned by Horace. Horace tells him that he and his people need to leave on the submarine the next day.

- Richard Alpert appears in the Dharma camp saying that the truce between Dharma and the Others has been broken. Horace prepares to fight them.

- Sawyer convinces Horace to let him negotiate with Alpert. Sawyer references the "Jughead" bomb and Locke's disappearance to Alpert and convinces him not to attack the Dharma camp in exchange for the location of his people's bodies and Paul's body.

- Amy agrees to let the Others take her husband's body, but removes an egyptian ankh from around his neck first.

- Horace gives Sawyer two more weeks on the island. Sawyer convinces Juliet to stay on the island for at least that long, even though she desperately wants to leave.

- Three years later, Horace wakes up from his drunken stupor and Sawyer tells him he's a daddy. Horace reveals he found Paul's ankh that morning and that he doesn't think three years is long enough to get over someone. Sawyer disagrees and says he's gotten over someone in the last three years. He doesn't say her name, but he means Kate.

- Sawyer goes home to Juliet, who's making them dinner. The two kiss and exchange "I love you"s.

- The next morning, Sawyer's awakened by a phone call from Jin. He meets Jin in the north valley where he sees Hurley, Jack and finally Kate step out of the Dharma van.

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