Season 5
Season 5 | Episode 508 | Aired 03/03/2009
At the well in the jungle, Sawyer watches Locke's descent. Then Sawyer hears the hum start up, and he knows a flash is coming. He grabs the rope and yells for Locke to hold on -- and FAAZAAM! The flash resolves, but the well isn't there anymore. The rope disappears directly into the ground. Sawyer frantically digs around the rope, but Juliet stops him and says they can't help him. Wherever John went, he's gone. They're in a time before the well was built. Miles says way before, and points to the tree line. At the top of the trees in the distance they can see the back of an ancient, giant statue. Long hair flows over broad shoulders. And even though we don't see them, we get the feeling that if we were to see this statue's feet, they might just have four toes.

There's no time to appreciate it because suddenly the rumbling hum starts again. But this time it's different. Deeper, more violent. The blinding glare of white light washes over them, the ground drops beneath them and FAAAAA-ZAAAAM!

The flash subsides, and our group has been knocked on their backs. That one was different, more like an earthquake. Sawyer looks over and sees the well is back. He leaps up, grabs the rope, and jumps in to rescue Locke -- but he discovers the well has been filled in with rocks. Then Juliet realizes her headache is gone. Miles says his is gone, too, and his nose isn't bleeding. They think it's over, that Locke did it. Sawyer says now they wait for him to come back. Juliet asks for how long? As long as it takes...

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