Season 5
Season 5 | Episode 509 | Aired 03/17/2009

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- Lapidus crash lands Ajira flight 316 on the Hydra island, off the shore of the main island. Ben and Sun are still on the plane, but Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid are missing.

- Sawyer greets Jack, Kate and Hurley and tells them that they're in 1977.

- Jin rushes off to see if anyone from the Dharma Initiative saw the plane coming in, hoping to find Sun. Instead he finds Sayid, but another member of the Initiative believes he's a hostile and Jin is forced to take Sayid prisoner.

- Sun and Ben head toward some outriggers so that they can go to the main island. Lapidus follows behind.

- Sawyer and Juliet arrange for Kate, Jack and Hurley to appear as part of a new batch of recruits. Each is assigned a job and living space.

- Sawyer sees Sayid and signals to him that he should lie and say he's one of the Others. Sayid does and he's placed in a holding cell.

- Sun knocks Ben out and she and Lapidus head for the main island. When they arrive that night, Christian Shephard appears and shows them an old picture of the new Dharma Initiative crew in 1977. They see Jack, Kate and Hurley in the photograph.

- Jack confronts Sawyer that night, finding out that he and Juliet are a couple. Jack is anxious to do something, but Sawyer insists that it's better to think things through.

- A boy brings the captive Sayid a sandwich. When the two exchange names we realize that the boy is a young Ben Linus.

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