Season 5
He's Our You
He's Our You
Season 5 | Episode 510 | Aired 03/17/2009

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- On the island, young Ben Linus tells Sayid that he has met Richard Alpert and offers to help Sayid escape.

- Before returning to the island, Sayid kills a man in Moscow for Ben. The two part ways after Ben tells Sayid that there's no one left in Widmore's organization that poses a threat.

- Back on the island, Sawyer tries to get Sayid to cooperate with his lie, but Sayid refuses.

- When young Ben comes to bring Sayid another sandwich, Sayid sees the boy terrorized by his father.

- In Santo Domingo, adult Ben finds Sayid and warns him that his friends are in danger and tells Sayid that he's a killer. Sayid insists that he's not.

- Back on the island, several Dharma members and Sawyer take Sayid to see Oldham, a torturer, to get him to talk. Oldham drugs Sayid with a substance that will make him tell the truth.

- Eventually Sayid talks, telling the Dharma members about Oceanic 815, Ajira 316 and the Dharma stations he knows about. When he tells them he knows they're going to die because he's from the future, they don't believe him.

- After refusing to go back to the island with Ben, Jack, Sun and Kate at the marina, Sayid goes to a bar and meets a woman named Ilana. In her room later, she attacks him and holds him at gunpoint. She's there to bring him to Guam at the request of the family of one of Sayid's victims while he was working with Ben.

- Ilana and Sayid board Ajira flight 316 and Sayid, seeing Ben and other members of the Oceanic 6, realizes that they're not going to make it to Guam.

- On the island, the Dharma members, including Sawyer as LaFleur, vote to execute Sayid as a spy. Sawyer tries to help Sayid escape, but Sayid refuses.

- A burning Dharma bus strikes a building and young Ben Linus breaks Sayid out during the confusion. The two escape into the jungle.

- Jin finds Sayid, but Sayid knocks him out and takes his gun. Then, after telling a confused young Ben that he was right about him being a killer, he shoots the boy.

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