Season 5
He's Our You
He's Our You
Season 5 | Episode 510 | Aired 03/17/2009
In Tikrit, Iraq, a father demands his 12 year-old son not act like child anymore and be a man. He wants his son to kill a chicken, but the son refuses. The father is furious with him and says he'll stay outside until he does it. Then the boy's younger brother comes up beside him and coolly, calmly, grabs a chicken and easily breaks its neck. The vicious act had no effect on him. The father sees what happens and says to the younger brother, "Well done, Sayid."

WHOOSH to adult Sayid in the Dharma security station jail cell. Young Ben brings him another sandwich and a book, then asks if Richard sent him. He tells Sayid that four years ago he ran away into the jungle and Richard found him. He wanted to join them, but Richard said he had to be patient and wait. Young Ben tells Sayid that if he's patient, too, then Young Ben will help him.

WHOOSH to a Moscow apartment. A man runs away from Sayid, but Sayid kicks the door in and pursues him. The man runs to a safe and opens it, offering Sayid thousands of Euros to spare his life, but Sayid doesn't care. Two silenced shots ring out, slamming into the man's chest. Lest we've forgotten, Sayid is a cold-blooded killer. Sayid leaves and meets adult Ben along a side street, and Ben tells him they're done. Sayid has taken care of everyone who posed a threat to his friends. Ben wishes him well and walks away. Sayid is frustrated. That's it? Ben reminds him that Sayid didn't kill these people for him. Sayid asked for their names. Now there's no one else in Widmore's organization to go after. But what is Sayid supposed to do now? Ben says go live your life. Sayid is free.



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