Season 5
He's Our You
He's Our You
Season 5 | Episode 510 | Aired 03/17/2009
Sawyer gives Sayid the bad news and offers to make it look like Sayid overpowered him so he can escape. Sayid says no, he's going to stay. Sawyer leaves and takes his anger out on Kate. He wants to know why she came back. She's about to open up and tell him when a flaming Dharma bus rolls by them and slams into a house, which immediately catches fire. Sawyer helps organize the bucket lines to put the fire out.

WHOOSH to the airport as Sayid sees Jack. Then he notices Kate, Sun, Hurley on the plane... and finally Benjamin Linus walks on. He asks Ilana if she's working for Ben, but she doesn't know who he is. Sayid explains that Ben is a liar and a manipulator. A ruthless man who allowed his own daughter to be murdered to save himself. A monster responsible for a genocide. Ilana asks why she would work for someone like that, and Sayid says he did.

WHOOSH back to the security station where young Ben uses the flaming bus and fire as a diversion to break Sayid out. He has his dad's janitorial keys, and he uses them to unlock Sayid's cell. They escape into the jungle, but near a dirt road they are stopped by Jin. Over his walkie Phil puts out an alert that the prisoner escaped. Sayid explains that Sawyer let him go. Jin wants to help, but Sayid say he has to keep moving. Sayid knocks Jin unconscious and takes his gun. He looks over at young Ben and realizes what he has to do. Sayid tells young Ben that he was right about him. He is a killer. Young Ben doesn't understand what Sayid is saying -- but then BLAM! Sayid shoots young Ben in the chest.



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