Season 5
Whatever Happened, Happened
Whatever Happened, Happened
Season 5 | Episode 511 | Aired 03/31/2009

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In Los Angeles after the rescue of the Oceanic 6:
- Kate goes to see Sawyer's ex, Cassidy, and tells her the truth about the island and that Sawyer's alive. This is what Sawyer asked Kate to do before jumping out of the helicopter.

- After the meeting at the marina, Kate almost loses Aaron at a store. She realizes that she expects to lose him.

- Kate meets Claire's mother, Carole and tells her the truth about the island, Claire and Aaron. She leaves Aaron with her and heads to the airport to get on Ajira flight 316.

On the island in Dharma time:
- Jin awakens and takes the dying young Ben Linus back to the Dharma camp.

- Sawyer figures out that young Ben helped Sayid escape.

- Juliet is trying to save Ben, but he needs a surgeon to survive. Sawyer asks Jack for his help, but Jack refuses.

- Kate gives blood to help Ben stay alive, but Juliet says it will take more than that. She and Kate put Ben in a van and Kate takes him to see the Others.

- Juliet confronts Jack about why he came back. Jack says he's back because he's supposed to do something, but doesn't know what.

- Kate and Sawyer take Ben to Richard Alpert. Alpert says he can save young Ben, but he will not have any memory of these events and that his childhood innocence will be lost forever. Kate and Sawyer agree to the terms.

Richard takes the dying young Ben into the temple.

On the Hyrdra island after the crash of Ajira 316:
- An injured adult Ben awakens in the make-shift infirmary to see John Locke, alive and well, watching over him.

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