Season 5
Whatever Happened, Happened
Whatever Happened, Happened
Season 5 | Episode 511 | Aired 03/31/2009
Night. Jungle. Darkness. Jin slowly comes to and hears his walkie squawking: the hostile has escaped! Jin radios in that he was just attacked and the hostile is heading north. Then Jin hears young Ben struggling to breathe and finds him lying in a heap in the road... shot and bleeding.

At the barracks, the fire from the flaming van and house are now out. Horace thinks the hostile used the fire as a diversion to escape. Jack points out that if he was locked up, how could he start the fire. Horace says he had help, someone who let him out of his cell. And since there wasn't any other hostile crossing the perimeter, that means it was one of them.

Roger and Kate are pulling the van out of the house when they see Jin screech up to the infirmary and carry the wounded Ben inside. Roger realizes it's his kid and runs over, following them inside. Kate watches in disbelief.



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