Season 5
Dead Is Dead
Dead Is Dead
Season 5 | Episode 512 | Aired 04/07/2009

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On the island in Dharma time:
- Charles Widmore rides into the Others' camp and asks Richard Alpert why he saved young Ben Linus.

- Richard replies that the island chooses who it chooses.Widmore meets and speaks with young Ben.

On the island soon after Danielle Rousseau arrived:
- Ben, now an Other, and a young Ethan are on a stealth mission. Ben kidnaps the newborn Alex from Danielle Rousseau.

- Returning to the Others' camp, Widmore demands that Ben should have killed Rousseau and her baby. Ben refuses and argues that Jacob wouldn't want him to murder an infant.

In Los Angeles, after the rescue of the Oceanic 6:
- Ben calls Widmore from the marina, telling him that he's returning to the island…right after he kills Widmore's daughter Penelope.

- Ben shoots Desmond in the shoulder before turning his gun on Penny. He lowers his gun after he sees Desmond and Penny's young son, Charlie.

- Desmond strikes Ben from behind and beats him severely before tossing him in the water.

On the island after the crash of Ajira 316:
- Ben awakens in the infirmary and is surprised to see John Locke watching over him. Ben then tells Locke that he is going to the main island to be judged by the monster.

- Ben explains to Locke why he killed him and Locke agrees to go with Ben to help him be judged.

- Caesar, who doesn't trust Locke, is about to stop Locke and Ben from leaving in one of the outriggers when Ben shoots him in the chest with a sawed-off shotgun, killing him.

- Ben and Locke find Sun and Lapidus in Ben's old house in the former Dharma barracks. Sun shows Ben the Dharma picture with Jack, Hurley and Kate in it. Ben summons the monster from a hidden grotto beneath his Dharma house.

- Locke promises to help Sun reunite with Jin, but first he takes Ben into the jungle to be judged. Lapidus heads back to the Hydra island where he is attacked by Ilana.

- Locke and Ben descend beneath the Other's temple and Ben encounters the monster. It forces Ben to face his decision to let Alex die at the hands of Widmore's mercenary, Keamy.

- Alex appears to Ben. She shoves him against a pillar and says that she knows Ben plans to kill Locke. She tells Ben that if he hurts Locke or doesn't do as Locke tells him, she will hunt Ben down and destroy him.

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