Season 5
Dead Is Dead
Dead Is Dead
Season 5 | Episode 512 | Aired 04/07/2009

The black smoke monster fills the room and roils around Ben. Ben is terrified. Then POP! POP! POP! Flashes start going off within the smoke monster, white bursts which illuminate various images of Ben's past. We hear the voice of Charles Widmore rushing out of the darkness telling Ben he should have killed it. Then we hear Alex yell at Ben that she hates his guts, she wishes he was dead... Then he hears Alex pleading for her life before Keamy shoots her in the head.

And then the black smoke rolls away and slides back into the vents from whence it came. Ben is all alone now... but then behind him Alex appears. Not a dream or a vision but a real live young woman. She says hello, and Ben apologizes. He says it was all his fault... and Alex says she knows. Then it happens fast -- she grabs Ben by the throat and shoves him against the wall. She says she knows he's planning to kill Locke again, and she warns him not to touch Locke. If he does, she'll hunt Ben down and destroy him. Ben will listen to every word Locke says and follow his every order. Ben swears he'll follow Locke -- and like that Alex is gone. Ben drops to the floor. Then from above, Locke shouts out to Ben. He asks what happened, and Ben said it let him live.

On Hydra island, Lapidus returns in the outrigger. Ilana is waiting there with Bram. They're in charge now. She asks Lapidus, "What lies in the shadow of the statue?" Lapidus has no idea what she's asking -- and THWACK! Ilana smashes him in the face with a rifle butt. She turns to Bram and tells him to get everyone else. It's time. Tie Lapidus up -- they're taking him with them.



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