Season 5
Some Like It Hoth
Some Like It Hoth
Season 5 | Episode 513 | Aired 04/14/2009

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- Flashback to Miles, as a young boy. He discovers a dead body while he and his mother are looking for an apartment. It becomes apparent that he can "hear" the dead.

- On the island, Sawyer radios Miles to have him erase the security tape showing Sawyer and Kate taking Ben out of the camp. Miles is unable to erase the tape because Horace sends him out to retrieve a package from Radzinsky.

- It turns out that Radzinsky's "package" for Miles is a dead Dharma worker. Once alone with the body, Miles asks the dead man how he died.

- Flashback to Miles as a young man. He visits his sick mother and asks about his ability and his dad. His mother tells him that his father didn't care about either of them and that he's dead and buried someplace he can never go.

- Miles brings the "package" back to Horace. Horace sends him out to the Orchid station to deliver it to Dr. Chang. Much to Miles' chagrin, Hurley tags along to deliver sandwiches.

- Roger Linus discovers that his son is missing. Kate tries to comfort him, but he becomes suspicious of her. Later, Jack is able to talk him out of saying anything about it.

- Hurley discovers the body and Miles' ability. Hurley tells Miles that his secret's safe because Hurley also speaks to dead people.

- Flashback to adult Miles. After doing a reading for a grieving father, Naomi introduces herself to Miles and says she might have a job for him. Naomi has Miles "speak" to a dead body, then offers him $1.6 million to go to an island and find a dangerous man. Eager to cash-in, Miles accepts.

- Miles and Hurley deliver the body to Dr. Chang, who is not pleased that Hurley tagged along. Miles reveals to Hurley that Dr. Chang is his father. Miles and Hurley drive Chang to see Radzinsky.

- When they drop off Dr. Chang, Hurley realizes that the Dharma Initiative are currently building the hatch that will one day crash Oceanic 815.

- Flashback to Miles before leaving for the island. Several masked men pull him into a van where a man named Bram tells Miles not to take the job and offer knowledge about his ability and his father in return. Miles says he'll walk away for $3.2 million, but the men just toss him out.

- Jack warns Sawyer about Roger and his suspicions. After Jack leaves, Phil shows up with the security tape that Miles didn't have the chance to erase. Sawyer knocks him out and tells Juliet to get some rope.

- Miles tells Hurley that he doesn't care about his dad, since he left him and his mother when he was just a baby. Hurley tells him he should reconsider. Miles later sees Dr. Chang reading to his baby self, and realizes that his dad did love him.

- Dr. Chang gets a call and he has Miles drive him to the docks to meet some arriving Dharma scientists. One of them is Daniel Faraday.

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