Season 5
Some Like It Hoth
Some Like It Hoth
Season 5 | Episode 513 | Aired 04/14/2009
A single mom checks out a small, crappy apartment with the manager. She tells him it's just for her and her son -- her husband is out of the picture. Her little eight year-old boy runs in and asks for money for the vending machines. She gives him some, and he runs off. She yells after him -- no running, Miles. That's right -- this little boy is young Miles.

At the vending machine he suddenly stops, listening. He seems scared and confused. He can hear someone calling to him from inside an apartment. He crosses over to the door and puts his hand on it. Then he reaches down and finds a hidden key underneath a garden rabbit statue. But how did he know it was there? He puts the key in the door, unlocks it, and pushes it open --

Lara, his mom, is writing out the deposit check when she hears Miles scream. Lara and the apartment manager run to the other apartment and find Miles inside standing over a dead body. Young Miles says the man was alone and hurting. He kept calling out for Kimberly. The manager says Kimberly was the dead man's wife who died last year. How'd Miles know that? Miles says the dead man told him. Lara is disturbed. What is Miles talking about? Then Miles says the dead man is still talking. Lara steps back, worried and scared. She tells Miles the man is dead, but Miles screams out that he can still hear him!

WHOOSH to Miles in the security station when Sawyer radios in. He asks Miles to accidentally erase the security tape for camera number 4. Miles sees Sawyer and Kate on the monitor and asks what they're doing out there, and Sawyer tells him to just erase the tape. Sawyer is also going off the grid looking for Sayid, better known as their escaped "hostile." Sawyer tells Kate he'll do his best to cover up for them taking young Ben and giving him to the Others, but in the meantime she needs to go back to Juliet and see if anyone knows Ben's missing.

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