Season 5
The Variable
The Variable
Season 5 | Episode 514 | Aired 04/28/2009

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- Desmond is wheeled into the hospital while Penny and their son Charlie wait to hear if he'll be okay. Eloise Hawking goes to Penny in the waiting room and tells her she is Daniel Faraday's mother.

- On the island in Dharma times, Faraday arrives on the latest sub. He and Miles go to see Jack and Faraday asks Jack how he, Kate and Hurley made it back to 1977.

- Faraday confronts Dr. Chang and warns him about the accident that will create the Hatch. Faraday tells Chang he's from the future and that Miles is his son, but Chang is unconvinced.

- Sawyer, Juliet, Miles and Jin decide to head back for the beach, abandoning their lives with the Dharma Initiative. Hurley stays with them while Jack, Kate and Faraday head out to find the Others and his mother, known then as Ellie.

- A gunfight ensues when Radzinsky catches Jack, Kate and Faraday taking a Jeep. The three escape, but Radzinsky later takes Sawyer and Juliet prisoner when he finds Phil tied up in their closet.

- Flashback to Daniel seeing the fake Oceanic 815 at the bottom of the Ocean. Charles Widmore, his former research benefactor, visits him and offers him a job to go to an island. The island, Widmore tells him, will heal his memory problems.

- Eloise insists that Daniel take the job offer and go to the island. He agrees if it will make her proud of him. She says it will.

- Back on the island, Faraday explains to Jack and Kate his plan to destroy the island's energy with a hydrogen bomb, Jughead.

- Back at the hospital, Eloise leaves when word comes out that Desmond will be okay. Widmore is outside and it's revealed that Daniel Faraday is Widmore's son as well.

- Back on the island, Faraday storms into the Others' camp, demanding to see Ellie. He points a gun at Richard Alpert, asking where she is. He's shot in the back by Ellie.

- Ellie stands over a dying Faraday as he realizes that she knew all along what would happen, and she still sent him to the island.

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