Season 5
The Variable
The Variable
Season 5 | Episode 514 | Aired 04/28/2009
CHAOS. BAM. Hospital doors fly open as paramedics roll in Desmond on a gurney. Penny follows holding young Charlie, and the doctor tells her she'll have to wait. Later, a woman walks into the waiting area and says that young Charlie has his father's hair. Penny looks over to see Eloise Hawking. She introduces herself, and says that she believes it's her son's fault that Desmond was shot. Penny asks if her son is Benjamin Linus, and Hawking says no. It's Daniel Faraday.

We WHOOSH back to the island as Faraday gets off the submarine. He shows Miles the new recruits photo with Jack, Kate and Hurley in it and says that's why he's back. He needs to see Jack now. At Jack's house, Faraday explains he's been at the Dharma headquarters in Ann Arbor doing research. He asks how Jack, Kate and Hurley got back to 1977. Jack says they were on a plane that his mother told them to get on. Faraday asks if she convinced them to do it by saying it was their destiny. Jack says yes. Faraday tells him that she was wrong.

WHOOSH to a ten year-old Daniel Faraday practicing the piano. He's good, but his mother, Eloise Hawking, comes up besides him and stops him. She seems genuinely sad when she asks him if he understands what destiny means. Young Daniel says no, and she explains that if one has a special gift then he needs to nurture it. Daniel has a special gift, and it's his mind. He is meant for science and mathematics, and it's her job to keep him on his path. He can't be distracted by playing the piano any longer. Young Daniel says he can make time for both, and Eloise says she wishes he could.

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