Season 5
The Variable
The Variable
Season 5 | Episode 514 | Aired 04/28/2009
WHOOSH to the hospital E.R. as Hawking finishes her story to Penny. She's there to apologize to Penny. Desmond has become a casualty in a conflict much bigger than him. Much bigger than any of them. Hawking leaves the E.R. and outside a voice stops her, asking if Desmond is okay. Hawking turns to see Charles Widmore standing there. Yes, she says, Desmond is fine. Then she tells him his daughter, Penny, is in there. He should go in and say hello. Widmore says his relationship with Penny was one of the things he had to sacrifice. Hawking becomes angry and tells him not to talk about sacrifice to her. Widmore says that Faraday was his son, too. Hawking slaps him and gets in a cab.

WHOOSH to the island as Jack, Kate and Faraday reach the area where the Others live. Faraday walks into their camp and fires a few warning shots. He demands to talk to Eloise. Richard Alpert comes out and says Eloise isn't there right now. Faraday asks where the bomb is. Alpert tells him to lower his gun and they'll talk, but Faraday tells Alpert he has three seconds -- when BLAM! A gun shot rings out. Faraday looks down and sees that he has been shot, and he collapses to the ground. Behind him stands his mother, Eloise Hawking, holding the gun. Faraday was killed by his own mother! Alpert asks why she did that, and Eloise says that Faraday had a gun on him. Faraday looks up at her and says she knew... she always knew this would happen... and she sent him to the island anyway. Eloise asks who he is, and Faraday says her son.



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