Season 5
Follow the Leader
Follow the Leader
Season 5 | Episode 515 | Aired 05/05/2009

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Dharma Initiative Time:
- After Faraday is killed, Jack and Kate are captured by the Others. Jack explains to Ellie that they're from the future and tells her about Daniel's plan to detonate a hydrogen bomb. She agreees to take him to it.

- Sawyer is being beaten for information about Jack, Kate, Hurley and the Others. Sawyer refuses to talk.

- Hurley, Miles and Jin are about to escape to the beach when Dr. Chang confronts them. They're forced to admit that they are from the future and that Miles is his son. Chang is convinced to follow Faraday's advice and evacuate the island.

- Kate decides to head back to the Dharma camp, refusing to detonate a bomb and determined to stop Jack. When she's threated by an Other, Sayid appears and shoots the man. Kate leaves.

- Sawyer makes a deal with the Dharma Initiative -- he and Juliet get to leave on the sub with the other evacuees and he'll tell Radzinsky how to find the Others.

- Ellie and Richard Alpert take Jack and Sayid to the bomb.

- Sawyer, Juliet and last-minute addition Kate leave the island on the Dharma sub.

Thirty Years Later...
- Locke, Sun and Ben arrive at the Other's camp. Locke takes Richard and Ben into the jungle after promising Sun that he'll do whatever he can to reunite her with Jin.

- Locke tells Richard to help a wounded man who will be coming out of the jungle in a moment. The man is Locke after he had been shot by Ethan and was traveling randomly through time.

- Richard completes his task and the trio heads back to camp. Once there, Locke gathers everyone and leads a pilgrimage to go see Jacob.

- Locke tells Ben that he's going to kill Jacob.

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