Season 5
The Incident, pt. 1
The Incident, pt. 1
Season 5 | Episode 516 | Aired 05/12/2009

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Long ago:

- At a time when the four-toed statue isn't in ruins, a man revealed to be Jacob is spinning together a tapestry with Egyptian and Greek symbols. He is debating with an unnamed Man in Black, who threatens to find a loophole so he can kill Jacob.

- When a young Kate is caught shoplifting, Jacob steps in and offers to pay for it. Before leaving, he taps her nose and tells her to be good.

- At the funeral for his mother and father, a young Sawyer is about to write his letter to the con man he holds responsible for his parents' deaths. Jacob offers him a pen and their fingers touch briefly.

- In Los Angeles, Sayid and Nadia are at a crosswalk, but only Nadia crosses as Jacob distracts Sayid with a request for directions. An SUV plows into Nadia, but does Jacob touch Sayid's shoulder at the moment of impact?

- A bandaged Ilana is bedridden in a hospital. Jacob visits her, saying he needs her help. She agrees to assist.

- Jacob is sitting on a bench when a body falls out of an apartment window and lands behind him. The victim is Locke, and Jacob touches him, reassuring him that everything will be all right.

- At Sun and Jin's wedding reception, Jacob greets the newlyweds. He touches both their shoulders, telling them their love is special.

Dharma Initiative Time:
- Aboard the submarine, Kate tries to persuade Sawyer and Juliet to stop Jack from nuking the island. They commandeer the sub and force the captain to surface the vessel.

- Pretending to be unconscious, Lapidus overhears Bram saying he didn't want to take Lapidus along but Ilana says he might be important. When Ilana realizes Lapidus is awake, he asks who they are and what's in the box. She shows him.

- Armed with the plutonium core to neutralize the island's pocket of energy, Jack and Sayid emerge from the underground tunnel into a Dharma house

- Jack and Sayid try to sneak through Dharmaville dressed in Dharma jumpsuits, but Roger Linus spots Sayid and shoots him in the stomach.

- Hurley drives a van carrying Miles and Jin into the firefight and they rescue Sayid and Jack.

- Kate, Saywer and Juliet paddle to shore and discover that Rose, Bernard and Vincent have been living happily in seclusion for the past three years.

- On a jungle road, Sawyer, Kate and Juliet stop Hurley's van. They need to talk to Jack.

Thirty Years Later...
- Richard Alpert concludes that Locke has returned to life because of Jacob. Locke then says they must deal with the Ajira passengers, which worries Alpert.

- When Ben says he's keeping it a secret from Richard that Locke plans to kill Jacob, Locke realizes that he doesn't have to convince Ben after all. Ben will kill Jacob.

- Ilana's team reaches Jacob's cabin, where they find the circle of ash has been broken and a piece of an old tapestry.

- Ilana's team heads to the four-toed statue of the Egyptian goddess Taweret.

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