Season 5
The Incident, pt. 1
The Incident, pt. 1
Season 5 | Episode 516 | Aired 05/12/2009
In an unknown room, we see a man dressed in white at a spinning wheel creating a tapestry with an intricate design containing Egyptian and Greek symbols. We cut to the man sitting on the beach cooking fish over a fire. It's morning, and on the horizon, out over the ocean, a large ship is sailing towards the island. Another man, this one dressed in black, walks over to the Man in White. The Man in Black asks why the Man in White brought the ship to the island -- is he still trying to prove the Man in Black wrong? The Man in Black says they come, fight, destroy, corrupt, and it always ends the same. The Man in White tells him it only ends once, and everything else is just... progress. The Man in Black says he wants to kill the Man in White, and one day he's going to find a loophole. The Man in White says he'll be right there. The Man in Black leaves and addresses the Man in White as Jacob. Yes, this is Jacob. The camera pulls back over the ocean, and we see they were sitting on the base of a giant stone foot. And next to the foot is another foot -- and both feet have four toes. And as the camera pulls back, we see what we've been waiting to see since we first glimpsed that four-toed foot over three years ago... the towering, majestic statue of the Egyptian goddess Taweret. And we clearly know we're a long time ago, so let's get the finale of season five started --

WHOOSH to a small-town general store as Young Kate and Young Tom plot their crime: they want to steal a New Kids On the Block lunchbox. Young Kate snatches it and hides it in her backpack, but on the way out they're caught. The owner threatens to call the cops, but a man steps forward and offers to pay for it. The man is Jacob. Young Kate tells him thanks, and Jacob asks if she's going to steal anymore. She shakes her head no, and Jacob smiles. He reaches out and taps her on the tip of her nose. "Be good, Katie," Jacob says and leaves.

WHOOSH to the submarine holding area. The sub is preparing to dive, but Kate tells Sawyer and Juliet they have to get out of there. Kate explains that she was coming back to get Sawyer because Faraday is dead and Jack wants to blow up a hydrogen bomb. Sawyer tells her he's going to pass. He and Juliet were happy in Dharmaville and want to take their chances in the real world. If Jack wants to blow up the island, then good for Jack.

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