Season 5
The Incident, pt. 1
The Incident, pt. 1
Season 5 | Episode 516 | Aired 05/12/2009
WHOOSH to the beach as the Others trek into the Oceanic 815 survivors' old beach camp. They'll reach where they're going by nightfall, so Locke suggests they take a moment to catch their breath. Considering what he has planned for them -- they'll need it. Ben stands looking out at the ocean. Locke joins him and asks what happened that day when Ben took him to the cabin to first meet Jacob. Ben says Locke already knows there was nothing there. Ben was pretending. He was embarrassed about never seeing Jacob himself, so he lied about Jacob being there. Then Ben asks why Locke wants him to kill Jacob. Locke says because despite his loyal service to the island, Ben got cancer. [quote-left]He had to watch his own daughter gunned down front of him. And Ben's reward for those sacrifices was being banished. All in the name of a man Ben had never meet. So the real question is why wouldn't Ben want to kill Jacob?

Sun walks through her old home. She finds baby Aaron's wooden crib fallen over on it's side, and she stands it back up. As she does, she finds a metal ring in the sand. It's Charlie's Drive Shaft ring.

WHOOSH to Sun and Jin's wedding as they exchange their vows and Sun slips Jin's ring on his finger. Neither of them have ever been so happy, and the guests applaud. Afterwards, receiving their guests in line, Jacob approaches them and puts his hands on their shoulders as he speaks to them in flawless Korean. He offers them his blessing, and wishes them a long and happy life together. Their love is a special thing, and they should never take it for granted. Jacob leaves, and Sun asks Jin who that was. Jin doesn't know, but his Korean was excellent.

WHOOSH to the island as Hurley speeds along a jungle road. Jack can't stop Sayid's gunshot wound from bleeding and tells Jin to keep pressure on it. Suddenly, Hurley slams on the brakes as Sawyer, Kate and Juliet step onto the road in front of them. Jack steps out, and Kate says they are there to stop Jack. Sawyer tells Jack they have to talk. Five minutes. That's all he needs. Jack agrees, and they walk off to someplace private.


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