Season 5
The Incident, pt. 2
The Incident, pt. 2
Season 5 | Episode 517 | Aired 05/12/2009
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Here is your brief recap of "The Incident, Part 2." For the more detailed recap of this episode, go to the next page!

- After performing surgery, Jack encounters Jacob at the hospital vending machine. Their fingers touch as Jacob hands him a candy bar.

- Young Juliet and her sister Rachel listen to their parents explain they are getting divorced. Their mother explains that just because two people love each other, it doesn't mean they're meant to be together.

Dharma Initiative Time:
- Sawyer tries to talk Jack out of nuking the island. Jack says he's doing it for Kate. Sawyer punches Jack and they begin fighting.

- Juliet stops the fight and tells Sawyer that Jack is right. She changed her mind because she saw how Sawyer looked at Kate. Sawyer and Juliet aren't supposed to be together.

- Phil warns Radzinsky at the construction site that Sayid has returned.

- Phil arrives at the construction site and sees Jack. A firefight breaks out.

- The drill gets pulled into the pit and Jack throws the plutonium core into the hole.

- Everything metal gets sucked toward the hole. Juliet, tangled in chains, is pulled into the pit.

- Juliet is critically injured at the bottom of the hole. She sees Jughead and proceeds to hit it with a rock until the cavern flashes white with an explosion.

Thirty years later...
- Hurley is released from prison and Jacob shares a cab with him. Hurley asks if he's dead, and Jacob explains that maybe Hurley is blessed that he is visited by the people he's lost. Jacob touches Hurley's knee and then gives him Ajira Flight 316 info.

After the Ajira crash:
- Richard, Locke and Ben reach the four-toed statue. Richard says it's where Jacob lives and opens a hidden entryway. Locke and Ben go inside.

- Ilana's party finds Richard at the beach. She asks him what lies in the shadow of the statue and he gives the correct answer in Latin.

- Ilana opens the aluminum crate to reveal a coffin containing Locke.

- Ben and Locke find Jacob, who tells Locke he found his loophole. Ben asks if Locke and Jacob have met before, and Locke responds that they have in a manner of speaking

- Ben, enraged that his devoted work has been ignored by Jacob yet Locke gets the attention, raises his knife and stabs Jacob in the heart. Locke then shoves Jacob into the fire.

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