Season 5
The Incident, pt. 2
The Incident, pt. 2
Season 5 | Episode 517 | Aired 05/12/2009
WHOOSH to an operating room as Jack stands terrified over the exposed spinal column of a patient. He announces that he cut the girl's dural sac, and everyone in the room reacts. They turn to another doctor in the room -- Jack's father. Jack says the spinal fluid is leaking out, but his dad says calmly to close his eyes and count to five. The only way he's going to be able to stitch up that sac so the girl isn't paralyzed for the rest of her life is to not be afraid. Or he'll have to fix it. Jack glares at his father as he slowly starts to count to five. When he's done, he begins suturing the cut.

Afterwards, in the break room, Jack buys a candy bar from a vending machine but the candy bar is stuck. He hits the machine a few times but it doesn't budge. Christian comes in and tells Jack that the girl is in recovery and there's no paralysis. Jack says Christian embarrassed him in front of the entire team by giving him a time out. Jack knows his father doesn't believe in him, but he needs his team to. Christian asks if Jack's sure Christian is the one who doesn't believe in him and then leaves. At the vending machine, a man makes his selection and Jack's candy bar drops. He holds it out to Jack and asks if it's his. The man is Jacob. Jack says yeah, the machine jammed. Jacob says guess it just needed a push. And as Jack takes the candy bar, their fingers touch slightly.

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