Season 6
LA X (Parts 1 and 2)
LA X (Parts 1 and 2)
Season 6 | Episode 601 | Aired 02/01/2010

Here is your brief recap of "LA X, Part 1." For the more detailed recap of this episode, go to the next page!

On the island: Swan station implosion crater:
- Jack's group is back on the island but no longer in 1977. Sawyer is angry at Jack's plan because it didn't work.
- Kate hears Juliet buried in the debris, and they help get her out.
- Jacob talks to Hurley and tells him he has to save Sayid. They need to take Sayid to the Temple to save him, and everyone will be safe there.
- Sawyer finds Juliet, but she dies in his arms.

On the island: Foot statue beach:
- Locke needs to talk to Richard Alpert and tells Ben to go get him.
- Sun and Lapidus don't trust Ilana, Bram and their group.
- Richard shows Ben the corpse of John Locke, and Ben is shocked to see it.
- Bram attacks Locke inside the statue, but Locke turns into the smoke monster and kills Bram and his men.

Flash sideways:
- Oceanic flight 815 experiences turbulence but goes through it and doesn't rip apart. Everyone is strangers to each other. Jack doesn't know who anyone is.
- Jack finds Desmond sitting in his aisle and thinks he looks familiar.
- Charlie almost dies after he swallowed a baggie of heroin, but Jack saves him.
- Oceanic flight 815 safely lands in Los Angeles.

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